The inaugural Asia Pacific Podcast Conference is set to feature the most interesting and international lineup of communicators to be featured at a podcast related event in the Asia Pacific region. We hope you’ll enjoy the topics featured – and our speakers and panelists.

Friday: Feb 12

9am: Conference opening and kick-off keynote – the future of podcasts – Paul Spain (Global Voice Media, Auckland, NZ)

9.30am: Stories from one podcaster generating over $500,000 annually – Paul Spain interviews Cliff Ravenscraft

10.20am: Strength to Strength – Building New Zealand’s favourite new podcast  – Will Fleming (My Kiwi Life, Auckland, NZ)

11.10am: Morning tea

11.30am: Living the Dream – from Physiotherapist to International Podcaster – Victor Ahipene (Youngpreneur Podcast, Australia)

12:10: Lunch

1.10pm: Raising Your Profile to Superhero status – from quiet achiever to award winning communicator – Podcasts, TV, radio, print and public speaking – Michelle Dickinson (Auckland, NZ)

2.00pm Get Stuff Done

2.10pm: Panel discussion: How to build your audience into raving fans – and which audiences matter – global, local, niche – Host: Chris Hanlon – Panel: Natalie Cutler-Welsh, Paul Spain + more

3.00pm: Afternoon Tea

3.20pm: Podcasting in Radioland – breaking new ground in digital – Megan Whelan (RNZ, Wellington, NZ)

4.10pm: Panel discussion: TV vs Radio vs Podcasts vs Video on Demand  – Host: Paul Spain – Panel: Jono Hutchison (TV3/Mediaworks), Megan Whelan (Radio NZ), Duncan Grieve (The Spinoff), Hugh Sundae (95bFM)

5:00pm: Close


7:00pm: Special VIP dinner and networking event for speakers and specific ticket holders only

Saturday: Feb 13

Keynote 9am: Secrets from the world’s top podcasters (from their coach) – Cliff Ravenscraft (GSPN,- Kentucky, USA)

10.00am: Panel Discussion: Network effect – partnerships that create stunning podcasts and build strong communities – Host: Chris Hanlon – Panel: Will Fleming, Megan Whelan, Cliff Ravenscraft, Paul Spain

10.50am: Morning tea

11.20am: The story behind success: how the ABC  is re-imagining podcasting – Kaitlyn Sawrey (ABC – Sydney, Australia)

12:20: Lunch

1.20pm: The business of podcasting – Natalie Cutler-Welsh (GoToGirl – Auckland, NZ)

2.10pm: Get Stuff Done

2.20pm Panel Discussion: In for the long haul – practical techniques for short term and long term podcasting success – Host: Chris Hanlon – Panel: Paul Spain, Kaitlyn Sawyer, Will Fleming

3.00pm: Afternoon Tea

3.20pm: Masterclass – Podcasting Tools, Processes and Secrets – and what not to do – Natalie Cutler Welsh, Josh Nielson, Will Fleming, Paul Spain

5:00pm: Close